Nyolings is a collection of 7777

Cute and loveable characters exploring the world on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our vision is to establish a brand that connects real life aspects with digital ones and combining them together as one. Nyolings holders will experience and be a part of a strong community with amazing artwork and an eye for perfection.


Our focus has always been revolving around three main components.

Delivering amazing artwork, building an incredible community and having an experienced and qualified team. We want to use these components to establish a foundation that allows for future growth. The future will be one where we as community can elevate Nyolings to the next level and ultimately, establish a sustainable model for long term growth.


Nyolings is now controlled by the community. That means your vision, ideas and passion for Nyolings will help build its future. Join our Discord and let your imaginations run free while building the future of Nyoland together!


Frequently Asked Questions